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Right of Withdrawal and Refund

Our Right of Withdrawal and Refund conditions have been prepared in accordance with the relevant texts of the Turkish Commercial Code and the Turkish Code of Obligations.

-The buyer is responsible for checking for defects during the delivery of the ordered products.

-The Buyer is obliged to notify the Seller within 3 (three) days if there is a clearly visible defect in the delivered products. Otherwise, the Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted the delivered product as defective.

-The Buyer's obligation to inspect and control (inspect and/or have the product examined) against obvious (hidden) defects in the products delivered to him, and to detect a defect in the products within 8 (eight) days from the delivery date. has the obligation to notify the Seller immediately in case of Otherwise, the Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted the delivered product as defective.

-The Buyer is obliged to send the product to the Seller completely and completely as it was received, by creating a return request on the Internet Site together with the defect notice. In order for the Buyer to return the delivered product for any reason; The product must be kept in its original packaging and returned in its original form, complete with all packaging materials, without any physical damage. In addition, all originals and copies of the waybill and invoice must be sent with the products.

-Except for the damage caused by the carrier making the delivery, if there is any abnormal condition such as damage, dents, wetness that can be noticed without opening the package; The buyer should request the delivery officer to prepare a report.

-The seller performs the necessary checks with the notification duly made and after the delivery of the product to him; If the Buyer is right in his statements, he replaces the defective product and delivers it to the Buyer at his own expense. The buyer can also request a refund if he wishes. In this case, the refund will be made within 10 (ten) business days.

-In cases where the returned defective product is out of stock or for similar compelling reasons, the opportunity to replace it with a non-defective product is no longer possible, the Seller declares and undertakes to return the product price to the Buyer in the same way as the collected method, without paying any interest or expense.

-In the return of the product, the Buyer and the Seller are obliged to comply with the specified provisions.